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Understanding the needs of our clients allows us to arrange information on the page in the manner best suited for site visitors to find the information they need while also optimizing the site for search engines. These are skills acquired from years of study and experience with search engine optimization and website design for Homestead sites.
  • Websites that work
  • Easy to use by both visitors and the webmaster
  • Rank well in searches
  • Make a professional statement about your business
The professionally designed Homestead Website from S&J Enterprises:
The Intuit Homestead  Site Builder website design program is easy to use and allows anyone to quickly develop an Internet presence. This doesn't insure that the result will be a well designed or optimized site. Nor does it mean that the web site will ever be found by the search engines.
Our website design service will give you a site that meets usability and search engine requirements.
Why should I use a design service? Isn't the Intuit Homestead program supposed to be super easy to use?
But doesn't Intuit Homestead offer lots of templates you can use to quickly put up a nice site?
Why templates are not the best solution:
1. Many are not constructed to allow changes by you, the webmaster, in terms of design.
2. Meta tags are used that won't necessarily help the site in searches and in some cases can harm it.
3. Do you want an original site?  Templates are used over and over so it is not impossible for someone searching for wedding planners as an example, to end up seeing  'look-alikes'.
4. Most templates use java-script navigations. These are not search engine friendly and can prevent the site from being indexed.
Experienced website design team using Homestead SiteBuilder software
S & J Enterprises
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We do the extras that make your site successful
*Design fast loading   pages
* SEO 'How To'  for Intuit -  Homestead designed web sites
* 5 Don'ts of Web Site Design
* Keywords & SEO
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